Affascina con la realtà aumentata e coinvolgi con le etichette animate
Unleash the Power
of WOW-labels!
Captivate and Engage with AR Animated Wine Labels
Costruisci il tuo marchio attraverso ogni bottiglia

Raggiungi un pubblico più ampio e avvicinati ai tuoi clienti come mai prima d'ora. Grazie al nostro canale virtuale, offriamo un'esperienza di consumo unica e un'opportunità impareggiabile per costruire il tuo marchio.
Sfrutta il potenziale dell'AR sulle tue etichette

Bottleneck Hangers
Vivi un'esperienza in Realtà Aumentata (AR) direttamente sulle etichette dei tuoi vini.

Basta uno smartphone per permettere ai consumatori di accedere facilmente ai contenuti digitali immediatamente, offrendo un'esperienza coinvolgente e interattiva.
Our know-how in AR labels is at your disposal for a highly successful marketing strategy

Depending on your campaign objectives, we conceive AR solutions in your image without altering the existing label

Info and enriched data
Loyalty&lead gain
Engaged consumers
Active social media
5. Origin of the wine
6. Grape variety
7. Types of wine fermenters
8 Alcohol content in wine
*All data can be moderated and managed through the admin panel
Offer your clients better guidance!
Thanks to AR, the connected label is automatically enhanced by the digital contents that are needed to win consumers over and inform about wine estates, wineries, cellars, their history. It's a real opportunity for delivering a message that is both original and comprehensive.

1. Wine presentation video
2. Wine tasting video
3. 3D animations
4. Appellations
Multilingual labels
Stand out anywhere in the world!

Borderless world is yours thanks to your connected labels! Thanks to AR, your bottles communicate naturally with clients all over the world: identifying the client’s store and country of origin, the AR app will provide enhanced information directly in his own language, even if he is abroad.
Active social networks
Be one step ahead of the competition
with your connected label!

Y&Z-generation customers rely on comments posted on forums and social networks in order to pick the right item.

Initiating a dialog that can be pedagogical, enlightening, informative or play-based (quizzes, games, animations…),
you take the consumer by the hand and make him/her discover your domain, your world, your wines.
Gift Wine AR
Revolutionize wine gifting with Augmented Reality (AR)

Our app lets you personalize wine bottles for any occasion. Add virtual wraps, interactive toppers, balloons, and videos/photos in AR

Create unique bottles that reflect your personal touch. From festive decorations to captivating toppers, the possibilities are endless. Make a meaningful connection between sender and recipient. Personalize wine bottles with AR for parties, Christmas, and more. Our innovative app transforms gifting into a thoughtful experience.
Introducing wine games specially designed for wine brands, aimed at engaging a younger audience and bridging the gap from early experiences to first dates

These games offer a unique and interactive way to connect with the younger generation, fostering an appreciation for wine from an early age

By creating this bridge, we hope to culnvated a lifelong relationship between the audience and the world of wine
Virtual sommelier
The virtual sommelier is the long-awaited experience for wine enthusiasts, offering the chance to seek expert guidance on any wine-related topic

Whether you have quesnons about the ideal serving temperature for a parncular wine or want to understand why certain wines cause astringency in your mouth, our virtual sommelier is here to provide accurate and high-quality recommendanons. Finally, you can satisfy your curiosity and receive personalized insights from the comfort of your own home
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Multilingual labels
Active social networks
Gift Wine AR
Virtual sommelier
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