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Our mission is to ensure your holiday is filled with comfort and delight
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Indulge in exclusive wine during your stay in our apartment and relax in the comfort of your surroundings, savor the wine, and provide your valuable feedback by scanning the QR code on neckhanger. Your opinion matters!
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By scanning the code on the collar, you'll unlock a world of information about the wine itself and the esteemed winery that produced it. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to download the company's mobile application.
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Discover more indulgence with our second exquisite wine bottle available for a special price. It comes with a unique leaflet and a QR code that serves as a payment link. Simply scan the code using your smartphone and securely complete your purchase through the provided payment page.
Our Wines
The Best Sommelier Selection
Doctor Wine Guida 2022: 90 points
Rosé Championship 2021: silver medal
Vintage 2020 / Tony Wood: 91 points
Vintage 2021/ WineCritic.com: 91 points
Vintage 2021/ RossoRubino.TV: 91 points
Vintage 2021 / Luca Maroni: 92 points
Vintage 2021 / Tony Wood: 90-92 points
Bolgheri Rosato DOC Caccia al Palazzo 2022 Tenuta di Vaira
Luca Gardini 2019: 90/100 points
Qvino 2022: 90 points
Bolgheri DOC Caccia al Palazzo Vermentino 2022 Tenuta di Vaira
Luca Gardini 2019: 90/100 points
Qvino 2022: 91 points

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