Welcome to Florence!
Our mission is to ensure your holiday is filled with comfort and delight.
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    Exclusive Prices:
    As a guest of our apartment, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to enjoy exclusive prices on a selection of wines directly from the producers. This means that you can savor high-quality wines at discounted rates, making your wine-buying experience even more enjoyable and affordable.
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    Ready for Enjoyment:
    To enhance your overall experience, we have taken the initiative to place bottles of exquisite wine in the apartment for your enjoyment. These bottles have been carefully selected to provide you with a delightful tasting experience. We have also ensured that they are placed in the refrigerator, allowing them to reach the perfect serving temperature when you are ready to indulge.
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    Convenient and Secure Payment:
    We understand the importance of convenience and security when it comes to making payments. To facilitate your wine purchase, we have provided secure payment links below. This hassle-free method ensures a seamless and safe transaction process, giving you peace of mind while making your purchase. With just a few clicks, you can complete your payment and look forward to enjoying your selected wines in no time.
Our Wines
The Best Sommelier Selection
Vintage 2020 / Doctor Wine Guida 2022: 90 points /punti
International Rosé Championship 2021: Silver medal
Vintage 2020 / Tony Wood: 91 points /punti
Vintage 2021/ WineCritic.com: 91 points /punti
Vintage 2021/ RossoRubino.TV: 91 points /punti
Vintage 2021 / Luca Maroni: 92 points /punti
Vintage 2021 / The Wine Independent: 90 points /punti
Vintage 2021 / Tony Wood: 90-92 points /punti

Decanter 2021: bronze medal
WinesCrtitic.com: 91 points /punti
Tony Wood: 93 points /punti
RossoRubino.TV: 94 points /punti
Doctor Wine Guida 2022: 91 points /punti
Luca Maroni: 94 points /punti
The Wine Independent: 93 points /punti
Doctor Wine Guida 2023: 92 points /punti
Gambero Rosso Guida 2023: Due Bicchieri
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